Marketing is one of the most powerful tools known to man, sadly a lot of people make five very easy to make mistakes which can shoot their efforts down in flames before they ever got off the ground. Here are five mistakes you should avoid like the plague;

Investing in products you know little about

Too many people are sucked in by shiny products and the next great theory that people are purporting. Not many people get by on their gut feeling when it comes to investing money into products, so just because you’re old work colleague tells you about a potentially good idea on a night out, does not mean you should be the investor into what is all theory. If you like the sound of an idea, take it to as many experts as you possibly can and do all the legwork to see if the idea is viable – remember, it is your money you are using, nobody else’s, so be vigilant. 

Presuming your product is gold dust and will sell itself

I don’t mean to sound rude here – but you don’t. I can’t think of a single product that has sold with no marketing done at all. You may in fact sell the greatest product ever, in the busiest part of your town, where thousands walk by every day – but if you don’t let people know about your product, nobody will buy it. Just because your idea is brilliant does not mean it requires any less marketing than the last release you had success with, the idea does not mean that it will sell itself magically, it requires all the hard work you put into every single other aspect of running your own business.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

Everybody tells you that you should be as creative as you possibly can be that you might just have that idea that makes you millions in a few days. Hey, you might just have that idea, but the best products in history were never designed with the intention of being the great product ever – it just happened to be that. The most simple protocols in marketing and business in general apply to anything you are doing here, the marketing ideals that worked in the 1800s still work now, you don’t have to come up with innovative ideas to break into the business world – you just need to offer your perspective, that makes it unique enough. Stick to what you have seen work first hand and work with that first – when you are successful, that’s when you can take risks.

Procrastination is married to bankruptcy 

The idea of failure is so scary for some of us, we never actually take action. Too many of us spend a working day researching and compiling, and reading and looking into the future to avoid making a single mistake, that we never actually make a dime. Too many people have projects which are 75% done but never get finished because they are too scared of taking the risky step of potentially failing but nobody has ever been successful without potentially failing. Thinking that you are covering all bases while not ever completing a project is the wrong way to go. 

Don’t lose concentration

Too many people who are trying to market and make money jump from one idea to the next, that they never build up momentum and confidence. Changing your marketing campaigns every few weeks is a bad way to run your business – most marketing ideas take time to get going, and also money to get started, so do not waste money by tweaking constantly. 

Another thing to avoid is when you find something which is working for you, but is not quite bringing you in the megabucks, is avoiding changing it in favour of chasing the gold. I would rather earn 100% of half my capacity than 0% of my theoretical capacity. If something works for you, don’t break it or suspend it – keep it going and try out any other ideas you have in a completely different campaign and field, as they say – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!